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Sources of Wisdom resources – Edexcel Catholic Christianity

These resources have been designed to complement the Catholic Christianity component of the Edexcel GCSE Religious Studies A specification.

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What is the Bible, and what does it mean to Catholics?

2 Timothy 3.16 -17
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Do all Christians believe the same things about the creation of the world?

Genesis chapter 1.1-2.4
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What does the Bible say about how humans were created?

Genesis chapter 2.4–9; 15-25
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What went wrong?

Genesis chapter 3.1-24
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What do Christians believe that God is like?

Psalm 139.1-18; Genesis 1.26; 3.22; Matthew 3.13-17; 11.27; 28.19
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Christians believe that Jesus is ‘the Word of God’ – what does that mean?

John 1.1-18
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Why are the events of the Paschal Mystery so significant for Catholics?

Luke 24.1-12; 50-53
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Christians believe that Jesus saved them – but how?

John 3.10-13; 16-21; Acts 4.8-12
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What do Catholics believe about life after death?

John 11.17-27; 2 Corinthians 5.1-10
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Why is prayer significant for Catholics?

Luke 18.9–4; Matthew 6.6; 9–13; 7.7–8
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How does Catholic Social Teaching reflect the teachings of Jesus?

Mark 12.30-31; Matthew 25.31-46
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Why did St. Paul compare the Church to the human body?

1 Corinthians 12.21-21; Romans 12.4-8
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What is the significance of Mary as a model for the Church?

Luke 1.26-38; John 19.25-27
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What does the Bible teach about making moral decisions?

Exodus 20. 2-17; Matthew 5.17-20

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