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Sources of Wisdom resources – WJEC Christianity

These resources have been designed to complement the Christianity component of the WJEC GCSE Religious Studies specification Unit 1 Part A.

Don’t miss the downloadable cardsort, which is great for helping students to reinforce their learning by linking up key Bible verses with and beliefs and concepts.

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Do all Christians believe the same things about the creation of the world?

Genesis 1.1-2.4
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What does the Bible say about how humans were created?

Genesis 2.4-9; 15-25
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What went wrong?

Genesis 3.1-24
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What does it mean for Christians for God to be like their father?

Luke 15.11-24
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What do Christians learn about Jesus from the stories of his birth?

Matthew 1 18-25; Luke 1 26-35; 2 21; Matthew 2.1-12
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Christians believe that Jesus was 'the Word' - what does that mean?

John 1 1-5; 10-14
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Why was Jesus sentenced to death?

Mark 15.2-15
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How did Jesus die?

Mark 15.16-37
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Why is the resurrection a key belief in Christianity?

John 20.1-21; Acts 1.9-11
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Christians believe that Jesus saved them - but how?

Matthew 16.13-17; John 3.17-21; John 14.1-6; John 14.11; John 3.16
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What is 'the Fruit of the Spirit'?

John 14.25-6; Galatians 5.22-3
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What did Jesus teach about treating others?

Matthew 25.31-46; Luke 16.19-31; Matthew 6.19-21
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What does the story of the Good Samaritan say about loving others?

Luke 10.25-37
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Why is the Lord's Prayer so widely used by Christians?

Matthew 6.5-13
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What did Jesus teach about forgiveness?

Matthew 18.21-22; Matthew 5.43-44; Luke 23.34

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